Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Journey to Bodgaya

We left IBTP yesterday, about mid morning - late for an east coast destination. There were many stops: Indah Permai (for brunch), Telupid (another brunch - Telupid residents use free water from the hills), check Point (refuel only), Lahad Datu (to buy towels, as always, towels were left at home, just at the place you would have remember to put them into bags, and also to have a little bit of canai roti - I reckon Haruo Sensei speaks a little bit of Malay "Teh O kosong tanpa gula") and Semporna. To be exact, we went to Kalsom's family place.

Wanted to tell about the food we had at kalsom's. The order was done by Kalsom from a phone while driving out of Lahadatu.

Items for order includes:
Tehe tehe
... and several others.

We had them last night, mostly for the first time. Thanks, Som.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

new members

I welcome Liew Thor Seng, May, Jan and Bunga. May is doing the taxonomic works on the climbing perch (Anabas testudineus). Jan and Bunga will work on the ecology of the Bornean wild cattle Bos javanicus lowii in the Maliau Basin - They will work outside of the basin because there is no tembadau in the basin. Both of them (now they are taking another friend with them) will go cattling in the third week of September.

Happy blogging!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Updates on giant reptiles

Dear wildlifers,
Ralf Sommerland (former Chair for Tomistoma Task Force SSC/CSG IUCN) sent us this website on giant crocodiles. I nice reading. Please follow link here http:/

This is interesting since all "giant crocs" that have been "seen" by people were dubbed as being more than 30 feet long. Paitan residents have seen even larger croc there - 100 feet!

So, how large does a croc get?