Monday, September 10, 2007


Guys, this is the captain speaking, please welcome our new members:

Pethrine, Buck, Fairus and Dato Noramly.

I hope you guys are comfortable, sit back, relax, enjoy the valley and contribute. This is BV797 operating to somewhere.


The midget's access to specimens

I received some updates from our friends in KL-based unis on the questions of how outsiders had access to specimens from Malaysia.

One of them is like so:

Provide some huge fund.
Use local vendors to buy specimens from locals.
Vendors collect specimens and pay locals.
After some times of accumulation, guys or their worms enter Malaysia using tourist visa.
They acquire the specimens and quickly fly back as quickly as quick tourist will be and...

People would think it will be difficult for midgets to get things out from Malaysia - because the checks at airports are sooooo intimidating. Believe you me, the real problem is actually to collect the bloody specimens.

Just a note to you guys, be a little more vigilant - for all you know, the specimens they are getting are of your own interests.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Dear all,

we just received about 600 butterflies specimens from Japan, which were arrived here in kk this morning (4th September - 2.00 am at KKIA).. thank to bak and pak zainal coz willing to help me to pick up the specimens.

to butteflies people... cantikkk tau tak percaya tanya fairus..kan fairus?