Friday, March 30, 2007

The Brochure

Hi Guys,
The Borneensis brochure in english is now available on desktop at the computer next to the printer. I have not been able to send it via email (using mozilla firefox - but if I send something to a group, it resets, and upsets me).

So, if you pop in and use that comp, just to the brochure and probably copy it and edit it in your room. Let's hope the internet will come back quickly.


Invitation and other notes

Hi, guys!
I have sent the first round of invitation yesterday and some rainbowstar is now included. I've sent some more invitation today and now I have sent a total of 23 open invitations, staff and students. If you have received this one, please respond so that the next time you visit the blog, you can start giving comments AND send posts. Also, immidiately after you respond to the invitation, you are able to comment and post.

*Dato NBM, Dennis Lau, RainbowStar, Datin Glenda and I talked over breakfast about getting "specimens" of bioacustics, or more specifically, frog calls (or any organism that calls for that matter). So Dennis was talking about one sound recorder (digital) that will stop after you record the same sound several time because it confirms to the copyright regulations (understandable if you're recording songs, commercially). Problem with frog calls is, the copyright goes to the frog!

Please note that Dr Jedol, Dr. Ho Chong Mun and Datuk VC have now joined the Sound and Vibration Research Group based at SST, headed by PM Dr. Jedol who received the FRGS on this one. Azman (Cicada hunter) has discussed with Dr Jed about his project and his intentions - probably in the end, to produce cicada-detector just as a bat detector does (ANABAT(R) is now a commercial brand). We welcome suggestions from BorneensisValley. Friends who work with vocal organisms, please feel free to discuss (Sorry, Dr. Mon, I wish mosses talked).

*If you fancy "new species", go watch channel 24 Astro, a series called Mon-Colle Knights. New species always turn up and I don't think the story will ever end, so long as human being keeps on reproducing.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Switch Witch

Dear friends,

It is a little frustrating to learn that what we have with the internet failure is actually a switch failure. I called UMTP that they are going to replace the switch and is will take a little it of time.

I wonder if BORNEENSIS will have a space in the compactor to keep the switch specimen once it is taken off the wall.

Amid (I know this has nothing to do with BORNEENSIS - or hasn't it?)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The BORNEENSIS brochure

Patherine has worked out the first draft of the brochure as we saw in the meeting – thanks heaps, Pat I had the soft copy and made some changes – but I’m sorry Pat, because I intended to do it via the Track Changes function. Because you have used “text box”, I found it a little complicated, so I made changes directly, but I have added some suggestions. I think there is a little bit more space that we could use and add some more information. While we work out the text, I think Pat can communicate directly with IMS for the arrangement of pictures and touch-ups (Itu memang makanan dia! – Henry’s words).

You will find the brochure draft in your emails - please take a look and read and give input and reply "to all".



Dear friends,
Following our discussion in the recent BORNEENSIS meeting, here’s the blog that we will all be using to communicate any comment, idea, argument, photos, discussion or anything is borneensisly related. The general aim of this blog is to let us “meet” and “talk” about BORNEENSIS, likely to be very short and light communications. These meetings and talks may later develop into more serious discussions up to some point when we will consider them to become written works worth publishing in the newsletter – the ultimate aim.

Let’s use Bahasa Malaysia and/or English.

For that matter, I am inviting everybody to also extend this spirit of discussion to all of our students. You can either invite them personally (by giving them the link), or just leave their emails here or via emails to me. I’ll invite them. (The info I shared with you on the murdered elephants came from our student, Farina and our SOS Rhino staff, Angel).

I will not be leading (nor will I be able to advice) the issues that any of you feel are important to be brought here. Therefore, everybody is free to give ideas and comments. But, somebody has to “own” this blog. If you don’t mind, let me be the owner for the time being.

I have, for no special reason, named this blog as BORNEENSIS VALLEY. I don’t really believe by changing the name (or otherwise) would change the reasons why we wanted to have this blog. What do you think?

OK, guys. I wish you Happy Blogging.