Monday, July 23, 2007

Fogger & Chemical

Hello guys,
sorry that my first ever post is something so menial.
Does anybody knows what happen to our fogger? Is it still usable?
and also to Dr. Bak, do you happen to know where can I get the chemical for the fogger?
I'm going back soon (september) and will start fieldwork immediately.

p/s: I gave a talk to my research group last friday. It went very well.. :)


Amid said...

Kelly (how's that name for an English land?),

I thought I knew something a long time ago that some of our fogger and eq are still at Danum (Wait a minute!)

... I called Pak Din, foggers are already here, both of them. One from Danum is now sent for service (the one with the remote control). The new one is useable (hopefully, coz it's still new, unused). Many other things were lost... only 20 trays left, some ropes, not bottles, no mufflers... many things are gone. Even the poor fogger was placed in the cubicle next to the "solar drying room"! - Perhaps al of us here can take a moment and think about that. Just think, don't get angry.

How're things?


kalsum said...

hello Dr. Hamid,
thanx a lot for the reply. I'll make a quick call to Pak Nordin tomorrow to ask more.
I am thinking of shipping a very heavy fogger from Cambridge out to Danum which will cost hundreds of £ with DHL!!! So, it may worth using our own fog.
and currently, I have another problem, I couldnt ship out insecticide from the UK. They've just banned the whole thing from going out. So does from Japan. and now I dont really know where to get them. Its 3% Pyrithrin.

I'm going back to Sabah on the 3rd Sept and start fieldwork straightaway. But of course I'll spend few days at the institute catching up with news and gossips. :)


kalsum said...

oh, and btw,
no kelly please.......
that sounds so yucky....
just kalsum as it is :D

Amid said...

OK, no Kelly, then.
Sure, I think you better talk to Pak Din himself. Seems you didn't know if Pyrithrin was avaibable from Malaysia (you were referring to UK and Japan).

OK, see you here when you arrive... but Hey! didn't you know that gossiping is sinful :)

You'll enjoy September in Danum - mass fruiting season this year.