Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Dear all,

we just received about 600 butterflies specimens from Japan, which were arrived here in kk this morning (4th September - 2.00 am at KKIA).. thank to bak and pak zainal coz willing to help me to pick up the specimens.

to butteflies people... cantikkk tau tak percaya tanya fairus..kan fairus?


Amid said...

We should be very happy to have them here, now. I think Datin told us about the incoming of them since end of last year - they are finally here.

I just want to mention the possibility that we might be receiving a large sample of dry fruits/seeds from Danum Valley phenology study carried out by one of my collaborators - a collection of over 4000 samples over 2.5 years. And also, we might also be receiving skeletons of other animals, also from Danum. This is just an early note, it is expected to happen by middle of next year.

ethrine said...

wow, dr. Hamid..that's a great news. do you think we should inform datin about this during our next borneensis meeting?