Friday, March 30, 2007

Invitation and other notes

Hi, guys!
I have sent the first round of invitation yesterday and some rainbowstar is now included. I've sent some more invitation today and now I have sent a total of 23 open invitations, staff and students. If you have received this one, please respond so that the next time you visit the blog, you can start giving comments AND send posts. Also, immidiately after you respond to the invitation, you are able to comment and post.

*Dato NBM, Dennis Lau, RainbowStar, Datin Glenda and I talked over breakfast about getting "specimens" of bioacustics, or more specifically, frog calls (or any organism that calls for that matter). So Dennis was talking about one sound recorder (digital) that will stop after you record the same sound several time because it confirms to the copyright regulations (understandable if you're recording songs, commercially). Problem with frog calls is, the copyright goes to the frog!

Please note that Dr Jedol, Dr. Ho Chong Mun and Datuk VC have now joined the Sound and Vibration Research Group based at SST, headed by PM Dr. Jedol who received the FRGS on this one. Azman (Cicada hunter) has discussed with Dr Jed about his project and his intentions - probably in the end, to produce cicada-detector just as a bat detector does (ANABAT(R) is now a commercial brand). We welcome suggestions from BorneensisValley. Friends who work with vocal organisms, please feel free to discuss (Sorry, Dr. Mon, I wish mosses talked).

*If you fancy "new species", go watch channel 24 Astro, a series called Mon-Colle Knights. New species always turn up and I don't think the story will ever end, so long as human being keeps on reproducing.


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