Thursday, March 22, 2007


Dear friends,
Following our discussion in the recent BORNEENSIS meeting, here’s the blog that we will all be using to communicate any comment, idea, argument, photos, discussion or anything is borneensisly related. The general aim of this blog is to let us “meet” and “talk” about BORNEENSIS, likely to be very short and light communications. These meetings and talks may later develop into more serious discussions up to some point when we will consider them to become written works worth publishing in the newsletter – the ultimate aim.

Let’s use Bahasa Malaysia and/or English.

For that matter, I am inviting everybody to also extend this spirit of discussion to all of our students. You can either invite them personally (by giving them the link), or just leave their emails here or via emails to me. I’ll invite them. (The info I shared with you on the murdered elephants came from our student, Farina and our SOS Rhino staff, Angel).

I will not be leading (nor will I be able to advice) the issues that any of you feel are important to be brought here. Therefore, everybody is free to give ideas and comments. But, somebody has to “own” this blog. If you don’t mind, let me be the owner for the time being.

I have, for no special reason, named this blog as BORNEENSIS VALLEY. I don’t really believe by changing the name (or otherwise) would change the reasons why we wanted to have this blog. What do you think?

OK, guys. I wish you Happy Blogging.


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