Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blogging the blog

Hi guys,
(Now in Tawau - I feel sooo close to Tawau Hills, and the would-be specimens!). I guess that the switch is still not swithed yet.

On Borneensis, as I said in the meeting, I think the herps need to be reviewed. By this, I suggest that Ahmad, Kelv and I should sometimes make some time so that we can go to the wet collection room and have a look. I noticed:

a) Some specimens bottles contain more than one species. somehow, I think, we put them in the bottles according to species.

b) I think, also, we need to set aside some of the specimens that are not identifiable at the moment. By this I mean, there are some species that are labelled as one species when they should rightly labelled as another.

c) about specimen tag numbers: I don't think we have an alternative between not having them and that they are expensive. the only way to reduce the price would be to order a long running numbers. the one that we ordered (I think in 1996, before the first expedition to maliau) ran out about now - and took us about 10 years. Do you think we will be collecting slower in this coming 10 years?


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