Friday, May 11, 2007

Borneensis guys in Klias

We have just got back from Klias peat swamp. Sure, there a loads of specimens, and many are very-very interesting. But before that, I want to tell you that I found Kalsum's hut. It is about to fall and rotting fast. It is about 15 feet, made of timber and bamboo. It has windows and a door, a step-ladder and the roof is covered with a blue rain tarp. When she was finishing her project, she stayed there all by herself for one whole month on end. Why no picture? Yes, I will get it soon and will send it to her, too. My camera was wet while wading chest-deep water to get across entering the swamp - we were crossing the Sungai api Api. It was still flooding yesterday, although fading a little. Arifin sat neneath a tree and spent a good 10 minutes looking at the hut, yesterday. This morning, I could imagine why.

Kalsum's determination is hard to imagine, guys. I love this girl!


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