Thursday, August 16, 2007

New BORNEENSIS entry (The scarce wolf snake)

It takes a gut to immortality!

Not me, but a snake. She came to our camp and slithered on a hammock - just when the guy was settling for the night. Poor Patrick planned to have a dream, a cozy one. On Aug 4th, we had a dry week and this had been pleasant in the forest. But a she snake in bed is no lovemaking. The sex was right but the species was wrong!

It is a wolf snake, Lycodon effraenis, a colubrid from a group whose face somewhat resembles that of a wolf. Right there in the middle of the hammock, almost unsexily hungry for insects. Basically the bulge on the side of the snout is caused by larger side teeth, although the flabby upper lips of the wolf are the final ingredient that makes a wolf looks a wolf (even if the wolf is already toothless!).

So, here you are, guys. A wolf snake that made an entry at Borneensis today - it dies meaningfully for science.


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