Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yangtze river dolphin (the Baiji)

The Baiji (Lipotes vexillifer)

-estimated 75-150 in the wild.
-endemic to the Yangtze
-Declined from 500 in 20 years
-no captive population
-hard to find/assess

-10% of the world's human population lives on the banks of the Yangtze
-pollution from factories
-collision with boat propellers
-hard to locate

Proposed solution:
-100 km impounded stretch of th river where fishing would be banned and pollution from the banks controlled
-a 25 km oxbow lake with nets at each end
-captive breeding including 3 pools and a 1 km artificial river has been constructed.

erm...Any other solution??

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Amid said...

Farina and all,
Couldn't help but to think about the Kinabatangan dolphin, and may be also the the Freshwater stingray. What will happen in Kinabatangan (i.e. something that is to be done to save something from becoming extinct) will be a responsive one - just like the Yangtze. This will the time when a species will be taken into man's hand and the man will be creative about saving a species (just as creative as he would demolish a species).