Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Featured on BBC

Dear everyone,
just a quick post. There's an article being featured on BBC news at 10, BBC World and BBC 24 about Danum Valley (10th Dec). It was being aired in Malaysia BBC World Channel at 5pm last monday and a longer footage on afternoon news yesterday. Deforestation, logging, rainforests, canopies, global warming and climate change was the main discussion. There's a snippet of me being interviewed while working on top of the tree as well. :D
this is the link to the video Video.

and link to the article
Timber today or climate tomorrow


Amid said...

Hi, Kelly, saw you on tv! I have a feeling that is not right by the theme of the feature, especially at the very end when an orang is shown and that "time is running short". It is a pity that the shooring was done in Sabah.

kalsum said...

I think they want to give the impression of how valuable the rainforest are if they are not being cut down, that is why the shooting was in Danum. and about the logging etc... it'll be nice if they just stopping it altogether. it is really saddening to see that they've heightened the intensity of logging towards end of this year (where they said that logging will be prohibited in Sabah). You can see in the evening, as you go out of Danum Valley, logging trucks in and out crazily as they have never before :-(
Though, in a way I do agree with what Dr. Waidi said in that video, but personally, I'd rather have a poor country but uncut forest.
(those are my humble, poor self opinion)