Monday, May 21, 2007

It pays to know yourself! (so much about collecting for Borneensis)

Guys, what if you were stung by some bloody wasps and you're hypersensitive? What if, soon after you were stung, you developed the sensitivity responses and your skin started itching, your earlobes felt numb and thicker, you started coughing and boy, you just couldn't let it go. What if soon after that your breathing became more difficult and minutes after that you stopped breathing altogether? You're dead. Period.

Whether this happened here, Lembah In-Situ or Tabin, it didn't really matter. You make news, that's for sure. And if you made the choice, you're a specimen.

It pays to know if you were hypersensitive to anything, stings or not. It also pays if your friends you have in that situation knew how to do tracheostmy - and you do not like how this is done. If this is not for saving life, it is pretty close to slaughtering a chicken.

Now, let's take some precautions:
a) Know yourself a little bit more, try to remember if you have been told by your doctor about hypersensitivity.
b) Take your medicine
c) Check your first-aid kit BEFORE going into the forest (mine was not checked, and apparently anti-histamine and piriton tablets were ot replaced)
d) Don't make this post stops you from contributing for borneensis.

I was THAT (about 5 minutes) close!


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