Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting to BV and other stories

Hi Guys!
Today, I can get into but I couldn't go to BV - funny, eh?

VC and ITBC Director visited Danau Girang during the weekend. They spent about 2 hours there. For those who are unfamiliar (I don't know if you have visited this place, I suppose some of you guys did during the Kinabatangan Expedition some years ago), DG is about 30 minutes boat ride downstream from Batu Putih (Kinabatangan Bridge). The facility (probably to be called Danau Girang Field Centre) was built about 10 years ago and UMS is expected to sign a tri-partied MOU to run the centre with SWD and Cardiff Uni. That will be one of our field stations. You may now think about projects to be done there and the centre is expected to operate under the MOU from middle of next year. Think about it - Kinabatangan is the longest river in Sabah.


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