Friday, June 1, 2007

New Herps for BORNEENSIS

These are the species of frogs collected in Klias recently (Thanks, Ahmad!)

  1. Nyctixalus pictus (1)
  2. Polypedates leucomystax (2)
  3. P. colletti (3)
  4. Rana baramica (12)
  5. R. chalconota (6)
  6. Limnonectes paramacrodon (4)

There were at least 3 other species (from calls) that we failed to catch on that visit. We'll see if we can grab them in multiple visits some us have planned throughout this year and early next year.

Ahmad, the rough-sided frog and the "thing" that had the bufonid call at check-point 3 need attention (we have not been in the swamp if we come back without the rough-sided frog!). A smaller one, which has a reddish color, Bufo quadriporcatus should also be there. I got loads of them in 1990 at Kpg Lumat, Beaufort.


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