Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A swamp in Kinabatangan?

Raymond (My Phd student) has been working in Kinabatangan the last 3 years, probably more, works on elephants. Recently when discusing the data, especially those from his satelite tracking, we saw this "void" in the wildlife sanctuary (sattelite pics of the Sanctuary), which he mentioned is a swamp. Based on the location, it cannot be a mangrove, rather a freshwater swamp. Now, this is interesting. I think it is sorrounded, partly by the sanctuary, but on its northern side, by oil palm. Raymond said people rarely go there because people are afraid to do so, so many snakes!

Well, I think it is interesting for Bornensis, whatever there are in that bloody swamp. Let it boggle your heads for a bit, may be something will work out later.

For the Botanists, I have just read a report by Susan Page of Manchester Uni about the information gaps on peat swamps. There's a huge gap on anything botany from peat swamps. The one and only peat swamp that has been well studied (which is not very well studied) is from North Selangor. Anybody fancy studying Pandanus from peat swamp? also, palms should also be an intersting one.

For guys who are doing small mammals, fish and herps, I think we already know what we will be doing if we ever get to step into those swamps, mozzy or not.

Now in Kedah, pekena a little bit of "nasi kander" - harga memang suda nai-la abangg...


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